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Terry Ritchie & Marc Gedeon Featured in The Globe and Mail, Ranking Snowbird States

Terry Ritchie and Marc Gedeon provide their expert opinions on how to understand what U.S. states make sense for Canadian Snowbirds.

From the Globe and Mail article:

Canadian retirees often look to spend their golden years south of the border. Among the benefits are lower taxes, more reasonable costs of living and, of course, better weather the farther you go.

But not all of the United States offer the same tax advantages, prices and perks for retirees who relocate permanently there, a slew of recent surveys show. Rankings and analyses of the 50 states by services such as Bankrate, Kiplinger and WalletHub offer food for thought.

Canadians should look for a state that has “no state income tax and no estate tax, that doesn’t tax your registered investments and that has a decent cost of living and housing prices, as well as low property and sales taxes,” says Marc Gedeon…

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