Free White Paper: New PFIC Rules

Important White Paper: New Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC) Rules

With the enforcement of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), financial institutions around the world must now provide bank and investment account information on their American clients to the IRS. This increased information sharing process makes it difficult for U.S. tax filers to ignore the consequences of holding PFIC investments.

What You Need to Know: Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC)

Many Americans living in Canada or Canadian expats living in the U.S. unknowingly hold Canadian-traded mutual funds, money market funds and ETFs in their taxable or non-registered accounts that qualify as a PFIC.

Our white paper explains the following concepts and offers solutions:

  • What qualifies as a PFIC investment?
  • What types of accounts should a PFIC investment not be held in?
  • What are the adverse tax effects of holdings a PFIC investment?
  • What are the tax reporting requirements if you hold a PFIC investment?
  • How can Cardinal Point make your investment portfolio PFIC compliant?

Download your free white paper and get up-to-date on what you need to know about PFICs.

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