Partnering with Professional Advisors

One area in which professional advisors have struggled is providing their clients with an integrated wealth management solution that incorporates U.S. and Canadian cross-border planning and investment oversight.

When a client moves across the border, advisors are often forced to relinquish their client because of regulatory compliance restrictions. Or because they do not have the expertise to properly advise their client anymore. Similar difficulties arise for those advisors that have clients with both Canadian- and U.S.-based investment accounts. It can be challenging to provide the holistic financial planning and investment management that a client requires when the advisor is only overseeing part of the total assets.

While advisors may have once been limited by borders, they now have access to a broader breadth of services and an ability to increase the value they bring to their client relationships
Cardinal Point partners with U.S. and Canadian-based financial advisors, accountants and attorneys to deliver cross-border wealth management strategies to their clients and prospects.

Cardinal Point coordinates all wealth management efforts with the professional advisor — whether we are asked to formulate a cross-border asset transition plan or to provide investment management oversight and financial planning services for clients that reside across the border.

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