Investment Philosophy

The core of Cardinal Point’s strategy is a rigorous and time-tested investment philosophy. Our disciplined approach understands that diversified security selection paired with appropriate risk can help achieve a client’s long-term goals. For those with cross-border planning requirements, we provide an integrated platform to wealth management that includes financial and tax planning considerations in addition to investment management. In this scenario, both U.S. and Canadian assets can be structured within a single investment strategy.

Core and Satellite Investment Approach

At Cardinal Point, we are guided by the following beliefs:

  • The core and satellite investment philosophy is the optimal strategy for our clientele. Many experienced institutional investors and ultra high net-worth families utilize the same investment philosophy.
  • The core component seeks to capture asset class returns. It is structured with cost-effective and tax-efficient index funds and/or exchange traded funds (ETFs), individual bonds and select stocks.
  • The satellite component offers further diversification and enhanced return potential through the utilization of active management and/or alternative strategies.
  • A prudent financial planning process complements a client’s unique investment program.
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