Portfolio Monitoring

Cardinal Point’s diligent supervision helps ensure that portfolios achieve our client’s desired investment objectives. The portfolio monitoring process seeks to quantify performance results of the underlying investment securities employed within client accounts. The reporting can also be used to compute relative performance with established benchmarks. In addition, we use internal and external performance measurements on an ongoing basis that offer complete and informative evaluations.

What is our approach to monitoring your investments?

Our approach to monitoring your investments includes:

  • Regular internal investment and external management meetings
  • Ongoing research and meetings with industry competitors
  • Ongoing dialogue with industry experts and analysts
  • Daily monitoring of trading liquidity and quantitative and technical monitoring of all portfolios
  • Attendance at industry-specific conferences and trade shows
  • Ongoing review of corporate filings, brokerage research reports and price targets
  • Participation in quarterly conference calls and presentations by management
  • Daily reconciliation of detailed holding and transaction summaries
  • Monthly performance review
  • On-going monitoring of actual vs. target asset allocations
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