Manage Your Canadian and U.S. Cross-Border Lifestyle

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Now more than ever, individuals and their families are moving back and forth between Canada and the U.S. for personal and professional reasons. This creates complex cross-border investment management, tax, estate and financial planning challenges that require specialized expertise to manage.

Whether you are transitioning residency between Canada and the U.S. or you have already made the move but continue to hold investment assets or financial interests in both countries, a cross-border financial plan will assist in reducing taxes and maximizing your estate.

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Cross-Border Transition Strategy and Financial Planning

Cross-Border Transition Strategy

Prior to a move, it is important to recognize that significant differences exist between Canada and the United States when it comes to financial planning and investment matters. Cardinal Point has the expertise to assist with your transition. Your customized cross-border transition plan will document actionable steps and outline your move. Our professionals will focus on your goals while thoughtfully assisting with the following:

  • Exit strategy
  • Customs and immigration
  • Residency status
  • Asset transition and management
  • Currency conversion
  • Taxation, estate planning and risk management

Cross-Border Financial Planning

For those individuals and families that have already made the cross-border move, investment assets, pensions, real estate and various other financial interests likely remain in the country in which you emigrated. As a client of Cardinal Point, you will have access to experienced professionals who will build a comprehensive cross-border wealth plan and will conduct an annual review of your cross-border tax and financial plan. Areas of focus include:

  • Immigration and residency
  • Cross-border investment management
  • Currency conversion
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable planning
  • Risk management and insurance

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