Our Clients

Cardinal Point provides comprehensive planning services to affluent individuals, families, and corporate and trustee relationships. We specialize in serving residents of Canada and the United States, as well as Canadian and U.S. expats living abroad, with their investment management, financial planning, and cross-border wealth strategy needs.

Wealth Management for a Full Spectrum of Needs

We pride ourselves in offering the following advantages:

  • Fiduciary Standard: Our professionals operate under the highest standard of care in the financial services industry.
  • Investment Expertise: We subscribe to a disciplined, yet flexible investment approach.
  • Holistic Financial Planning: Clients are profiled to learn about their values, goals, income, balance sheet, investments, insurance, and employee benefits, as well as all retirement, tax, education, and estate planning requirements.
  • Integrated Cross-Border Planning: Cardinal Point has a suite of cross-border planning solutions and offices located in both the U.S., and Canada.
  • Aggregation: Clients have the option to custody all of their holdings in one location, which streamlines financial management.
  • Independence: Clients benefit from access to a non-proprietary platform.
  • Trusted Personal CFO: Our advisors collaborate with external practitioners such as accountants, attorneys, agents, investment managers, real-estate professionals and bankers on behalf of clients.
  • Client Service and Professionalism: Our practitioners are committed to service excellence.
  • Innovation: We monitor the marketplace for non-proprietary investment vehicles and services that will benefit our clients.
  • Transparency: Our compensation structure is openly disclosed.
  • Flexibility: We offer specialized solutions based on the unique needs of each client.

Specialty Services

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