Investment Management

Cardinal Point provides personally tailored investment management services for clients with U.S. and Canadian investment accounts. Investment strategies are customized to our clients’ risk tolerance and goals and then we work to fully integrate them into their tax, financial and estate planning initiatives.

A Transparent Investment Strategy

Cardinal Point adheres to a transparent and conflict-free investment philosophy in which our clients’ interests are always put first. As a fee-only firm, our clients are charged a fully disclosed and agreed-upon fee for the services provided. We do not invest our clients’ assets in investment products that directly compensate our firm through hidden commissions, trailer fees or 12b-1 fees, and we do not offer proprietary products for investment. We feel these products can create a conflict of interest between the advisor and client. Instead, our investment committee puts an emphasis on investment process and researching best-in-class investment solutions for our clients. To help further protect our clients’ assets, all investment accounts are held and safeguarded through third-party custodians.

Managing Money Across Borders

Cardinal Point has the unique registrations and ability to manage integrated investment portfolios that include accounts in Canada and the United States. Many of our clients have lived and worked in Canada and the U.S. and have accumulated assets and investment accounts in both countries. It can be very difficult to locate an advisor that can oversee these investment accounts in the two countries, and many have had to work with an advisor on each side of the border. Unless the advisors are working closely together, it can be challenging to align the investment strategies. At Cardinal Point, we create and oversee integrated cross-border investment portfolios that include all types of accounts in both Canada and the U.S.

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