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Should this family move to the U.S.?

This article looks at families who are faced with the prospect of a cross-border move and career changes. Featuring the commentary of Cardinal Point’s Terry Ritchie, it presents a case study to show the potential tax, retirement and estate planning implications of a cross-border move. In the scenario, a hypothetical family from Ottawa is faced with the father’s possible layoff and the mother’s potential job transfer to Texas. The couple also has retirement and education savings considerations. The case study was originally presented at the IAFP Symposium and is intended to show advisors how short-term, retirement and family goals can be managed concurrently.

The article evaluates the family’s three options and the issues and advantages that arise with each. It compares the tax impact and housing markets in Ottawa and Texas, as well as the compensation and employment benefits of each scenario. Ritchie comments on the impact that a move to Texas would have on the couple’s registered account, their unrecognized registered assets, and company savings, as well as what would happen if the family eventually returned to Canada.

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