About Us

Cardinal Point is an independent Canada-U.S. cross-border wealth management organization. We focus on providing personalized investment, financial and tax planning, and cross-border solutions to families, individuals, and related institutions.

Our Approach

Recognizing the importance of a patient, prudent approach, we combine innovative investment skill and knowledge with conservative planning beliefs. Cardinal Point is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients in the areas of capital preservation, tax planning, risk management, and delivery of long-term investment returns through varying economic and market cycles.

What sets us apart

We specialize in working with Canadian and U.S. residents, Canadian and American expatriates, and those immigrating to Canada and the U.S. from abroad. Our customized cross-border wealth, financial and tax planning services, as well as investment policy creation, asset allocation and portfolio management, give us the ability to oversee and advance the goals of our clients wherever they call home.

Our Commitment to You

As a client of Cardinal Point, you can enjoy the assurance that comes with having a team of experienced, multidisciplinary professionals working with you to build a comprehensive wealth plan tailored to your unique needs and focused on creating long-term value.

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