Smart Vault

Welcome To Our Client Portal

smart-vault-logoAt Cardinal Point, we provide our clients with a secure Client Portal that makes it easy to access, view, manage and securely share your tax documents, anytime and from any web browser or mobile device.

With Our Client Portal You Can:

  • Directly upload all your tax documents into your secure Source Documents folder
  • View your tax returns online or download them in PDF format
  • Electronically sign your e-file authorization forms
  • Store your tax returns in one secure location for easy retrieval
  • Receive email notifications when your returns are ready for review and filing
  • Avoid the risk of transmitting your confidential information over email

DO NOT Email Your Tax Documents
With our secure Client Portal, you DO NOT need to email your tax documents to us or worry about password protecting your tax documents. Instead, simply follow the instructions below to upload your tax documents into the Source Documents folder in your portal.

DO NOT Send Us an E-mail After Uploading
Once you have uploaded your documents, we will receive an automatic notification that your documents are available in the Source Documents folder.

How To Activate Your Client Portal and Create a User ID
You will receive an email from inviting you to create an account. Open the email and click on the link in it to create your account and your own password. Please save your user ID (email address) and password because we do not have access to this information.

How To Upload Your Documents
You can upload documents to your Client Portal in a few clicks using the Browse feature or you can just drag and drop to the Upload window.

Note: The largest document that can be uploaded using the portal is 2GB.

Follow these simple steps to upload your documents:

  1. Sign in to your client portal.
  2. Click the Source Documents folder for the tax year want to upload the document to.
  3. Click the Upload File button.
  4. Drag and drop files to the Upload window or click Browse to find the file to upload.
  5. Once the progress bar completes, close the Upload window.
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