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  • Terry Ritchie in “Weak loonie, competition from U.S. home buyers work against Canadian snowbirds” (2/7/2019) - In past years, with a strong Canadian dollar, Canadian Snowbirds were able to pick up investment properties or vacation homes in popular locations such as Arizona, California and Florida. With a softer Canadian dollar, snowbirds are finding some competition for these types of homes. Cardinal Point Capital Management’s Terry Ritchie discusses the current state of […]
  • Terry Ritchie in “Yes, you can buy your way into U.S. citizenship” (1/24/2019) - For Canadians looking to move to the U.S. permanently, one increasingly popular option is the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. This program, created by Congress in 1990, is known as the “million dollar green card” and offers a green card and a path to citizenship for an investment of between $500,000 and $1 million USD. Conditions […]
  • Cross Border Transition Planning – RESPs (1/16/2019) - “How do I move my financial life to another country?” It’s a question we hear from many clients as they begin making a cross-border transition. When you are making the move to the U.S., you want to transition your finances smoothly and seamlessly while saving time, headaches, and every dollar you possibly can. Much like […]

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  • Press Release: Cardinal Point Wealth Management Inc. Acquires Seabank Capital Management Inc. (7/18/2013) - Cardinal Point Wealth Management, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Seabank Capital Management Inc. With the addition of Seabank Capital, Cardinal Point continues to establish itself as the leading provider of cross-border wealth management solutions for residents of Canada and the United States. Cardinal Point Wealth Management, Inc. is a Canadian-based, fee-only financial planning […]
  • Terry Ritchie joins the firm as Director, Cross-Border Wealth Services (5/16/2013) - Cardinal Point Wealth Management Inc. (“Cardinal Point”) is pleased to announce that Terry Ritchie has joined the firm as Director, Cross-Border Wealth Services. With a wealth management career spanning 25 years, Ritchie brings substantial experience in the areas of financial, investment, tax and estate planning. Ritchie specializes in assisting affluent individuals and families with their […]
  • Cardinal Point Wealth Management featured in the Wall Street Journal, “A Cross-Border Retirement Without Tax Woes” (1/11/2013) - Our own Jeff Sheldon was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article, “A Cross-Border Retirement Without Tax Woes.” He shared the story of a couple who retired to the U.S. from Canada. While they sought sunny weather and a simpler life, when it came time to sort out their taxes and streamline their retirement […]

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  • Americans in Canada: Investment Basics (8/20/2015) - It’s a good idea for Americans living in Canada to understand which kinds of registered investment accounts they can have without having to confront onerous taxes and paperwork. Two kinds of plans are friendliest for Americans: The Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and the Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF). Effectively, U.S. citizens are simply taxed […]
  • Americans Selling Canadian Homes Face Tax Issues (8/13/2015) - Canadian citizens are not subject to capital gains tax when they sell their principal residences. Americans selling their homes in Canada, unfortunately, may have to pay the tax. As Terry Ritchie explains in this Globe and Mail video segment, Americans face the tax whether their home is in the United States or Canada. In most […]
  • Terry Ritchie, U.S., Canada Now Tracking Snowbirds More Closely (8/5/2015) - Americans living in Canada face tax-reporting obligations that can be burdensome—even to the point where one might consider renouncing their citizenship. Our advice is to take a step back and think it through. As Terry Ritchie explained recently in this Globe and Mail video segment, renouncing one’s citizenship not only involves administrative hurdles, but can […]

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  • Possible U.S. Tax Changes for Snowbirds (11/8/2014) - A sweeping GOP victory has led to both houses of the U.S. Congress being controlled by Republicans. American voters also chose Republican governors in a majority of states. How do these and other recent changes affect snowbirds? First, there is the so-called “snowbird visa,” which has been held up in the current Senate after passing […]
  • Travel Insurance Between Canada and the U.S. (9/10/2014) - Do You Need It? For our Canadian and U.S. clients, cross-border travel includes an array of possibilities, from a weekly commitment to the rare excursion. The question is: do you need travel insurance? In this article, we look at considerations that keep your best interests in mind. Many of Cardinal Point’s clients enjoy the best […]
  • The IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Plan (OVDP) Expands Eligibility for Streamlined Version (8/28/2014) - The IRS has recently expanded the eligibility requirements for streamlined OVDP. If you are a U.S. taxpayer with offshore accounts, the streamlined procedures could be beneficial for you, with some penalties waived. To qualify for the streamlined procedures, you must certify that your conduct (not having reported foreign accounts) was “non-willful.” The IRS defines “non-willful” […]

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