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Is the Stock Market too Concentrated?

August 8, 2018
It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet and Facebook have been some of the best performing stocks in the first half of this year. But what may be surprising is that those six stocks made up 98% of the S&P 500 Index returns for the first half of 2018

Terry Ritchie featured in The Globe and Mail, Buying a Dream Home

April 8, 2018
From The Globe and Mail article: Mr. Ritchie says he increasingly receives inquiries from well-to-do Canadian retirees who want to spend even more time at their homes in sunny Florida, California or Arizona than the rules allow… Read the article here

Income Tax Implications of RRSP Withdrawals as a Non-Resident of Canada

February 2, 2017
A large number of the clients that we work with are those that move from Canada to the United States. In these cases, we spend quite a bit of time making our clients aware of the income tax implications of leaving Canada and establishing tax residency in the U.S. We have written many publications on

Terry Ritchie featured in The Insurance & Investment Journal article, Managing Cross-Border Clients

October 18, 2016
From the Insurance & Investment Journal article: Managing cross-border clients is a challenging area for advisors that requires thorough knowledge on how to handle life insurance, investments, taxes and pensions while respecting two countries’ rules and regulations. The Insurance and Investment Journal spoke to U.S-Canada cross-border expert Terry Ritchie, a director at Cardinal Point Wealth

Estate Disputes: Keeping the Peace

September 30, 2016
Estate planning issues can create family discord, especially in cases in which there is a sizable inheritance and heirs have disparate circumstances and competing interests. “You seem to know people,” says Terry Ritchie, director of cross border wealth services with Cardinal Point Capital Management Inc. in Calgary, “but when someone dies and there’s money ,

What do I do with my U.S. revocable trust if moving to Canada?

September 13, 2016
Affluent individuals living in the United States often use a U.S. revocable living trust (RLT) for estate-planning purposes. Such a trust provides confidentiality and flexibility in how assets are managed, as it eliminates the specter of probate. A revocable living trust is transparent for U.S. income, gift and estate-tax purposes. The individual who transfers (settles)

Moving From Canada to the United States: What You Need to Know

August 3, 2016
The upcoming U.S. presidential election in November has led to much media focus on U.S. citizens looking to move to Canada. So much, in fact, that we prepared an article a few months back entitled, Thinking About Moving to Canada? What You Need to Know. As one moves from Canada to the United States or

Options for U.S. IRA account holders when living in Canada

July 13, 2016
At Cardinal Point, one of the most frequent inquiries we receive is from prospective clients asking what they should do with their U.S. retirement accounts after a move to Canada. These individuals are often caught off-guard by their U.S.-based financial advisor or institution after learning that their investment accounts must go into restricted status or

Thinking About Moving to Canada? What You Need to Know

April 6, 2016
Irrespective of where you stand politically, the circus currently playing out in the contest for the next President of the United States has a number of Americans—both Democrats and Republicans—looking at options that might include leaving the United States and moving to Canada. Indeed, by midnight of March 1—Super Tuesday in the United States—searches for
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