Currency Exchange

Clients with assets on both sides of the border have frequent needs for currency conversion. Cardinal Point has partnered with CanadianForex and OFX Group Limited to offer currency conversion services that include:

  • No transaction fee regardless of size
  • Competitive and negotiated currency pricing for Canadian and US currency transactions
  • Risk management
  • Enhanced technology

Please contact a Cardinal Point Cross-Border Financial Advisor to discuss your cash management and currency conversion requirements at 866-213-2036 or click here.

For additional questions, please contact CanadianForex or OFX:  click here for Canadian Residents or click here for US Residents.

Cardinal Point, CanadianForex and OFX are three separate and distinct companies. As a fiduciary, Cardinal Point does not receive any compensation for those who utilize the services of CanadianForex and OFX.

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